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Felbeth is a Web3 EdTech specializing in transforming education for the digital age and empowering talents to build the future of work in Web3

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We have served a wide range of web3 projects, companies and have a good reputation especially in education, onboarding and other core businesses

Crafting Tomorrow's
Possibilities Together

Felbeth is shaping the future of work in Web3 by empowering young Africans with skills for the future.

At Felbeth, we are committed to bridging the skill gap and reducing the barrier of entry into Web3 through our tailored courses designed to demystify blockchain technology. By bridging the skill gap and empowering individuals with digital skills, we are not just creating jobs but shaping careers.

We are on a journey to becoming the premier Web3 EdTech platform in Africa, promoting Web3 education and increased adoption of Blockchain Technology, offering the most comprehensive and innovative learning resources for individuals who want to develop their skills in Web3 and Blockchain.

Crafting Tomorrow's
Possibilities Together

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Empower the next generation of top Web3 and Blockchain Talents; Collaborate with us in inspiring young Africans to kickstart their tech careers. Together we are committed to providing access to quality technical education on Web3 and Blockchain technology, guided by real-world experts. Join us in fueling a pathway to success in the ever- evolving world of Web3 and Blockchain, unlocking exciting opportunities for the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

⁠Yes, all our courses are designed for beginners.

⁠Simply create an account , choose your desired course, and complete the registration process.

Course fees vary depending on the program you choose

Courses are delivered through a blend of self-paced online modules and live sessions with instructors, offering flexibility and interaction.

⁠Course durations vary depending on the topic and complexity, typically ranging from 7 weeks

Yes, students have access to online communities for collaboration, support, and networking with peers and instructors.

⁠All course fees are non-refundable.

Member Experiences: Real Stories, Real Impact

Financial Analyst

I joined Felbeth last year to learn about financial education and I achieved financial freedom. However, Felbeth offers a wide range of education beyond that, including Web3. I have referred friends to Felbeth and I believe it is the right place for anyone seeking diverse knowledge in the Web3 ecosystem.

Discord Developer/Community Manager

My journey with Felbeth has been amazing. I appreciate how the community has evolved from focusing on financial education and financial freedom to encompassing all aspects of Web3. I am grateful for the connections I’ve made and anticipate greater things with this community.

DeFi Strategist

Felbeth has been the ultimate gateway to my Web3 journey. Their insightful teachings on Web3 and its future career prospects have been invaluable. I’ve been particularly impressed by their exceptional instructors, well-structured curriculum, and supportive community.

Contact: +234 815 401 2825


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