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In today’s world, the ecosystem built around tech in general has exploded into finance, commerce, and culture – which is still in its emerging phase. However, it has become critical that financial education should be given to individuals to prepare and build competencies or risk falling behind. Financial market literacy will be a top priority for companies operating in the digital economy and will require enterprise investment and cooperation.


As the market continues to grow, individuals can easily get overwhelmed with the number of financial information out there whether good or bad and still get confused. That is why finding easy solutions remains the bedrock of Felbeth. We have made it a priority to make life easier by offering practical financial solutions that help young people make the most of the financial market.


As a social financial platform, Felbeth is all about promoting financial literacy and practical Web3/Crypto/Trading knowledge for young investors in Africa, helping individuals, gain financial education, and understand the financial market and instruments, through online courses, events, community engagements, and interactive sessions.


We are also positioned to drive the financial prowess among young people in Africa, giving them freedom and knowledge to build the life of their dreams in the following areas: Forex, Blockchain, and Web 3. We also train young people to consider long-term holding, diversification, periodic saving, engagement, and continual learning about the areas they are investing in for their side hustles and entrepreneurial success.


Our financial education platform will connect young individuals to opportunities and access to be able to take control of their financial footprint across diverse markets. As the landscape keeps changing, it is important to stay educated. This is what we are truly focused on, bringing individuals closer to different income generating opportunities across these emerging markets.


To stay up to date with everything changing so rapidly and for more information or inquiries, please reach out to us on our various social media platforms. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the latest happenings in the financial market.

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